Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dando Photography - Albert Percy

Hello friends, I have been itching to share this blog post with you for so very long! 

Back in September we welcomed our first baby Albert Percy into the world. The time has simply flown by in a beautiful, crazy blur ever since then. The days and the nights roll into a surreal mixture of love, joy and also the scary dauntingness of raising this tiny little creature. He is growing faster then we can keep up, and I am so beyond in awe at how fast this time has gone.

Whilst pregnant it was one of those things in the back of my mind, that we should probably think about newborn photography. But as the months rolled by, and everything else which is crazy hectic in the lead up to his arrival, it was one of those things which just got pushed to the back of my mind. But as soon as his tiny littleness entered this world, I wanted nothing more then to capture these fleeting moments forever. And I am so beyond glad, that in stepped Erin of Dando Photography.

Having known each other from back in our Brisbane days, we are now both New South Walers, with Erin slightly further south from us, down in Canberra. Once our little man was in the world, Erin so kindly offered to drive up to us in Bowral, here in the Southern Highlands, to capture his tininess for us. I cannot tell you how thankful, and in awe, of this beautiful girl I am.

I could tell you a hundred lovely things about the day that Erin came to visit, but hopefully these photos can tell the story better then I can. 

Introducing Albert Percy - aged 16 days old.


All photos kindly shared with copyright of Dando Photography.

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  1. Love, love, love these photo's of baby Albert!


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