Tuesday, December 11, 2012

saying goodbye

Over the years we have shared many a renovation story here on our Bespoke Letterpress blog, our lovely little queenslander was not quite so lovely when we moved here back in 2007. Over the years we have turned its lovely old bones, into something so much, much more lovelier making our nest, our home. 

It is bittersweet now, that as we move onto our next adventure, our journey here comes to an end. This house has so many happy memories, so much love, so much of so much, I just don't have the words to express how much this house and its journey has meant to us. Every little corner I look at, every VJ on the wall, every piece of fretwork, every cornice, every little tile, power point and light switch, I look at it all and remember, all that love, so, so much love.

So now our much loved up home is for sale, it is sad and it is sweet at the same time. Sad that our journey here is done, but sweet that someone else can now love our home just as much as we have. I am bound to shed many a tear. As one journey ends, another is just beginning...


  1. Sorry to see you leave the gorgeous peninsula but I wish you all the very best. Lisa xo

  2. Your house is amazing, I wish I lived in Australia as I would snap it straight up.



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