Thursday, June 21, 2012

catching up

Hello Blog, Its been a while.

Life sure has been pretty crazy, but beautifully fun at the same time. Miss Daisy has settled very well into her new home. Ruby Tuesdays initial hesitations have now worn off, and my goodness, do those two love to play!! Ruby is being a very wise older big sister, and setting the boundaries and letting Daisy know when enough is enough (see pic above, this makes me laugh every time - excuse the wet floor, the water bowl had just gone on an adventure).

We are busy training Daisy with basic obedience at the moment, we did all this with Rubes years ago, so she is an old hand, and I think she is secretly loving all the treats she is getting for completing "oh so easy" tasks. She pulls me a look that's like "oh pleeeaseee"of course I can sit, drop and shake, you silly goose. Meanwhile Daisy is this crazy ball of energy bouncing all over the place, all in good time.

In the studio we are loving Miss Daisy's company during the day, unlike her big sister, who is way to big to come sit on our laps, so she sits on her bed and supervises, we occasionally sneakily let Daisy up to come sit on our laps and design away with us. She has certain ally taken on the title of Design Assistant well. This is her lazy design face above, I tell you, it sure is distracting!

When Mr H is home, I must say he is quite smitten with our new little lady - I love this instagram pic of the two of them together. I am very grateful that Mr H is as much a dog lover as I am. We recently had the conversation that if I was ever going to have some other job (it will never happen, but hypothetically) I said I would love to work with dogs - training, grooming or pet therapy. I really do just love the little muffins.

On the work front, we are super busy with a lot of weddings at the moment, we have been pretty slack with uploading pics to our blog of our wedding suites, but we've got some super exciting news on the website front happening soon, so we will hopefully have a lot of new letterpress wedding eye candy for you then!

We are also busy gearing up lots of letterpress loveliness for the upcoming Brisbane Finders Keepers Market - its the 7th and 8th of July, and once again we are super excited for another amazing event!

Our unbelievable $20 print sale and free storewide shipping (enter code FREESHIPPING at checkout) is now in its last days, our prints have been flying out of the studio and a huge thank you to Yesha and Justine who have been rushed off their feet packaging up orders and sending them off to their lovely new homes. We've got a very limited range of prints left - you can grab them here while they are still available!


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