Monday, March 19, 2012

hello autumn.

So it seems that Summer is now over and Autumn weather has arrived on our door step. Here in Brisbane, the days still feel quite warm, but that ever so slight cool breeze in the air and that promise of less humidity to our days. The sun is shining more then our summer rainy days, but their isn't that bite in the sunshine to burn my skin in one second flat (curse that irish heritage as a recent dermatologist recently told me). We have been getting some lovely breezes and I am relishing in opening up all the windows and giving the air conditioner a break after a very hard work out over the summer months.

I have been embracing all that is Autumn in the studio of late. Recently I mixed three gorgeous new inks of Dusty Red, Orange and Gold - They were beautiful inks to mix and even more beautiful to print. We are working on lots of new products at the moment, so it is such a joy to see them unfold on the press before our eyes.

On the home front, recently I enjoyed a gorgeously decedent Pear and Polenta cake which felt like a goodbye to summer and hello to wintry comfort foods. And even though it is not quite cold enough, I am still convincing myself that as Autumn is here the need for blankets is increasing. So one night I snuggled under my favourite mustard blanket and illustrated sweet french chateaux's and dreamed of far off romantic travels to such beautiful distant lands. Just lovely.

Hello Autumn, it sure is most lovely to see you.

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  1. Those colors are definitely a flash of Autumn! I love the imagery in this post, beautiful!


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