Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bangalow snippets

Above are some Instagram snippets from our brief stop over in the adorable Bangalow on Sunday. We have been to Bangalow a few times and I simply adore it. Although I must admit the first visit I wasn't quite in the right frame of mind after jumping out of a plane and bursting my ear drum. All I seem to remember are tears and the chemist! However I am pleased to report that subsequent visits have been filled with a lot more love and wonder.

On our quick sunday trip we stopped in at my all time favourite "junk yard" shop Heaths Old Wares. It took all my might to only buy two purchases, although they were both great beauties and I have some wonderful plans for them! I had a quick chat to Heath as we follow each others blogs. It seems Heath doesn't keep up to date with his own blog (he is no doubt too busy sourcing all his amazing goodies for sale) and his wife is the blog wonder, but we had a good chat anyway! 

Talking of wonders, they had a whole heap of Printers type trays for sale - lots of people have asked us where we have found ours over the years. They can be almighty tricky to find, so if you are after some, quickly quickly, more details here.

Right next door to Heaths is one of my very very lovely stockists One Fine Day. Unfortunately we missed saying hello to the very lovely Eleanor as she has just recently had a very sweet little bubba. But I enjoyed devouring her shop and all her gorgeous papery products - I fought very hard not to buy half of the shop!

We capped off our little trip with a quick lunch at the iconic Fish Heads restaurant where the food was exceptional. As we had Miss Ruby with us we sat outdoors and the little lady played quite the flirt making human friends left right and centre.

Such a gorgeous little town, one of my all time favourites.


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty. I want everything! And the SPACES book by Frankie, did not go unmissed!



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