Friday, December 16, 2011

friday rambles

Hello friends! How have you all been? I feel like I have not been around here much on the blog of late - this time of year becomes so hectic here in the studio! Our Free Shipping in our online store has been keeping us most busy with beautiful Christmas wraps, tags, cards and gifts heading out into all little pockets of the world. Our Free Shipping promotion ends on Sunday evening with all orders received before this time posted in time for Christmas (Australian orders only).

We are also in the middle of peak wedding season designing and printing beautiful stationery for lovely couples who are having Autumn weddings. We are working on some real beauties at the moment with many designs now ready for printing, and quite a few others in the design stages. We love weddings so much, it really is just a joy to design for the happiest day in peoples lives. Talking of happy days, this video blew me away yesterday. It is eternally beautiful.

Tonight sees the Graduation of my students from Shillington College who I have had the joy of teaching in the world of graphic design on Wednesday and Thursday nights this year. What a fabulously crazy, fun and talented bunch they are. It has been such a joy to see them blossom into amazing designers, and I am so excited for each one of them to embark on their new journeys into the land of design. Another great joy in my life is sharing my love of design, to teach it, to lecture upon it, to inspire, it is such a honour.

Into news of the silly season, It has hard to believe that Christmas has snuck up upon us so quickly. Not being one for watching much television, the other day I sat down for a rare hour to watch the news. I was shocked that all the tv commercials were for Christmas, How did this happen? We have been printing and selling Christmas stationery for months, so you think I would be at peace with the fact that it is almost the end of the year. But it was still such a shock that goodness, it is just around the corner.

Do you have some lovely plans for over Christmas and the start of the New Year? We are headed interstate to visit family and the Little Miss gets to come with us too.

Have I ever told you that Ruby's all time favourite thing in the world to do is go for car trips? So much so that she has been known to jump in the car and not budge all day just in the hope of an adventure. This year she may be a little disappointed to find out that her car trip will only be a short one to the airport. But I am sure she will maintain all her excitement again when after Christmas (and that dreaded plane trip) when we load her back into the car and out to the family farm out Mudgee way. Do you remember Ruby and Nigels friendship from last year? I am sure they will be tickled pink to see each other once again.

Well my friends, have a lovely weekend! As the last one before christmas we will be doing lots of printing and also my all time favourite - Christmas wrapping. One of my other great loves.

See you again next week!


  1. Should we go out to the farm and spruce Nigel up for their reunion?

  2. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, I hope Ruby enjoys her ride!

  3. Sounds so busy! At least most of it is great fun :)


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