Thursday, November 10, 2011

japanese washi paper tape now instore

For quite some time we have been stocking our favourite Japanese Washi Paper tape - so we thought it was about time we jolly well listed it in our online store! We currently have 14 different patterns and designs in stock of this wonder tape.

Washi paper tape can be used for gift wrapping, book-marking, sealing envelopes, art and craft or attaching bills to the fridge. Once you start, you'll find it hard to stop. Utilising the characteristics of Japanese rice paper, each Masking Tape roll is textured and can be written on, is easy to remove and does not leave stains, offering an abundance of creative and decorative uses. We use this tape for so many uses in the studio - not only does it look super pretty, but it sure is super handy to have on hand!

Each roll is 10mm wide by 10 meters long and are available for $4.95 per roll right here in our little online shop.

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