Monday, February 7, 2011

a green weekend

How was your weekend my friends? Mine was particularly hot, sweaty and very very dirty!! Why oh why we always seem to choose the hottest part of summer to tackle the garden I do not know. We ripped out the "ugly" side of the garden full of random things, lots of branches of timber and all sorts of plants whose names I do not know, yet have had no problem with running riot across my garden.

We ripped and pulled and dug and dug and dug. The lovely pile above is the small remnants in what didn't make it in the trip to the tip. If only I had captured it in its full glory.

We then arose super early on Sunday morning to head out to the markets. The super early bit was to escape the heat, but unfortunately it was still pretty damn hot and sticky anyway (mental note, next garden, tackle it in winter). The markets were an interesting place. Full of oh so cheap plants, but I think the people watching really tops the cake. It certainly did make for a very interesting Sunday morning. So a few hours later with an overflowing trailer and the station wagon packed to the max the markets had been worthwhile once again.

So the garden is now half done, its looking much better, but I am guessing next weekend I will be just as hot and dirty all over again!

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