Tuesday, November 2, 2010

love you the longest of time - new print instore

Ever since our black Love you the Longest of time print sold out in our online shop we have been bombarded with super sweet emails asking for another print run - so today we are super pleased to let you know that we have now printed a new limited edition run of 100 prints

Printed in a gorgeously deep red ink, combined with a blind impressed background we love the beautifully simplicity and amazing impression of this print. Not to mention how the y of "you" tucks in with the t the "the" which tucks in the the g of "longest" which tucks in the the t of "time". A little typographic obsessed around here? I think so.

This print is printed on our 100% cotton stocks in a white colour and are available as a limited edition run off 100 prints for $45 each. Get yours while they last here.


  1. Love it to bits... sending link to hubby for my Chrissie pressie. A-M xx

  2. Just placed an order. Love the print and in my favourite colour too!

    Sandy K


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