Thursday, October 28, 2010

snippets and oldwares

Goodness, its thursday already. Lovely blog followers we apologise over and over again. Our poor blog has been quite neglected of late!!

We have a mountain of wedding designs to share with you, but before we overkill our blog with love again I wanted to share a few images from our weekend birthday escape to the Bangalow Hinterland in the Byron region. I was spoilt something silly and we had a gorgeous few days of no internet and phone reception. We trawled all the antique shops, junk shops, and oldwares yards that we could find. Coupled with some fabulous food and much relaxation it was a wonderful birthday surprise!

My favourite find was Heaths Old Wares store in Bangalow. We stocked up on timber boxes, old broken timber rulers (love love love), old Cottees bottles for vases and vintage timber scrabble pieces. Keep an eye out for them in our styling of our new products we will be launching shortly! If you can't make it to Bangalow (although its well worth the trip!!) you can also visit their blog for all sorts of vintage goodness here.


  1. Ooh! I adore that photo of the Scrabble tiles. Heaven. J x

  2. We're going to Byron for a holiday soon so this store is now on the list to visit. Thanks!

  3. I love Heath's! We went down to Bangalow not long ago for another visit! He had some behind the scenes wooden type that he wasn't willing to sell us! He just couldn't part with them! So it was old boxes and bottles for us as well! :) KX


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