Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Searching through some photos today, I stumbled across this image which I forgotten how much I loved. Taken in Dubrovnik, Croatia September 2008 we were suffering jet lag at 2am in the morning. So we roamed the streets, took some photos, just us and a few friendly cats and a dog or two. Such a beautiful memory, and one I would love to live over and over again. You can see a few more photos from our midnight stroll here and here.

p.s Mr H. I love you xox


  1. Oh this picture is beautiful! I remember a breakfast my boyfriend and I had on the beach during our very first jurney... we ate grapevine and took some photos of the dawn, unforgettable!

  2. Sweet memories captured so perfectly.

    Ingrid x

  3. What a great shot. How nice to see true love captured this way.

  4. you look so in love!
    always be like this!!



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