Tuesday, April 27, 2010

in the disquiet

The secret is out of the bag and we can let you know about a gorgeous new print we have been working on for our dear friend Kylie at Paper Boat Press. Last year we worked together to develop two lines of limited edition prints and we are excited to have worked this year on a new print to celebrate the launch of Kylie's new book a once courageous heart.

You can find these prints at Paper Boat Presses stall at the Sydney Finders Keepers and we promise we will let you know when they are available instore at the Paper Boat Press online shop.


  1. Beautiful stuff! Congratulations ladies.

  2. I was secretly hoping for a nother collaboration...two of my favourite artists as 'one'! And in shades of blue...perfect!

    Ingrid x

  3. Such gorgeous impression! I want to feel it with my fingers :)

  4. Hey! I absolutely loved your stall at the Brisbane Finders Keepers Market and I bought a few things of yours, they are truly beautiful! I'm pleasantly surprised u two collaborated! I love Paper Boat Press too and loved it so much I blogged about it here:


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