Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Magnolia Bakery

Every now and then I get a little flash back to a smell or a sight or a memory of some little moment in our big trip. This morning it was the smell of the Magnolia Bakery.

I had heard wonderful things about this little cupcake emporium from the Design*Sponge city guides which I poured over before we headed away on our adventure. The name of this bakery kept on popping up everywhere, so I knew it must have been something special.

Walking towards my all time favourite of all favourite shop Anthropologie in the Rockefeller Centre, we were walking down the Avenue of the Americas where out of the corner of my eye I spotted this cute little corner store with a queue of people lined up two fold inside the store, and down the street. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a beautiful seafoam green branding and that beautiful smell of fresh baked wonders.

With much excitement, and a somewhat dismayed husband we braved the queue and pondered over and over again as to which best delicacy was fitting for such an exciting moment!

A box of goodies later, a beautiful carry bag and a cupcake cookbook for my cupcake baking mum, we sat by a fountain (i'm sure it was some special one, but really the moment was stolen by the cupcakes) and devoured our goodies.

Such an unexpected and wonderful surprise that chilly New York morning, and one I hope not to forget in a hurry!


  1. If the cupcakes were a nice as the cookbook then you did find something very special! That's it, you have inspired me to try out the brand new mixmaster and whip up a batch. Excuse me while I duck off and make some cupcakes!!!

  2. Aren't their sweet treats just divine? Oh you've brought back such wonderful memories! And reminded me that it is little pleasures such as these that can create the most memorable moments!

    Ingrid x

  3. I have one of her cookbooks but would love to make it into this NY bakery some day! Tracey xx

  4. *sigh* that's all i can say. lovely description of your magnolia bakery cupcake moment..


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