Thursday, December 10, 2009

thankyou sydney!

Gorgeous girls in gorgeous dresses!
Our beautiful Peony & Dahlia flowers which decorated our tables!
Our display which looked remarkably emptier by the end of the weekend!
Our new Letterpress swing tags living in a letterpress typecase.

The stunning Carriageworks venue. We could have spent all day admiring those beautiful windows, the random sections of gelato green painted walls, beautifully old rusted metalwork and the beautiful surprise of Craft Schmaft's bright yellow balloons amongst it all.

Oh my, what an amazing weekend we had in Sydney last week at the Finders Keepers. The most amazing venue, plenty of hugely inspiring talent and gorgeously happy shoppers. We couldn't have had a better time if we tried... Well okay, maybe we could have had a few drinks from the bar, but apparently that's not very professional... Although, our neighbours across the way did try and convince us otherwise!!

I hope you enjoy our photos of the amazing Carriageworks venue and oh my, how we love the Finders Keepers - thankyou Brooke & Sarah, you are the sweetest design event ladies ever. xox


  1. Gorgeous venue, gorgeous wares... looks like a fabulous time!

  2. ooh the letterpress gift tags are gorgeous, wish you had them back in November at the Brissy market.

  3. Wish I could have been there! Looks lovely and beautiful.


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