Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One step forward, Two steps back

It seems nothing ever goes to plan not matter how well we do try and plan things, although maybe thats our downfall - Trying to be too organised and all...

Our kitchen is now installed and all the electrical work has been completed, Phew, that was an effort and a half! We are now waiting on our benchtops which we ordered last week to arrive late this week - perfect.

Only problem is that our colour is now out of stock and will be another three weeks. Oh dear. Very unperfectly timed for when we leave on our 5 week trip and my husbands gorgeous nanna and poppa move in for a tropical beach house holiday. I hope they can overlook that the kitchen may potentially will not have benchtops, stovetop or sink.

We have also hit a hurdle with our mirror splashback - it appears it can be done - but not behind stoves or hot surface. Now that wasn't great to hear. Although apparently a new product was released (2 weeks ago!) which is toughened mirror. Perfect. But that can't be measured and ordered until the benchtop is installed. So at this stage we are looking at November. Geezz.

So one step forward, two, or is that three steps back?

So im soothing my mind and kitchen angst over the fact that we have now booked our first accommodation for our trip in Dubrovnic Croatia. How delightful is the door to our apartment. So we have three nights booked, 33 more to find...

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  1. There is so much frustration that goes with renovating but I'm sure you know in the end you appreciate it more. You will just love your kitchen once its finished. Love these photos from Croatia - looks like a stunning place to visit.


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