Friday, February 20, 2009

painted with light business cards

Earlier this week I gave you a little sneak peak of the gorgeous canary yellow we had been printing for the lovely Lanne from Painted With Light. Well here they are looking more like business cards after they have been cut up and rounded cornered. They look just gorgeous and the simplicity of their design is so perfectly suited to the artfrom that is letterpress!

Have a most lovely weekend my friends. We have a crazy printing schedule planned so its no rest for the wicked. On most sad news, due to the busyness here at the studio I will be unable to attend this Sundays first meeting of the Brisbane Brown Owls. As I shed a tear, and pine away a morning of crafty loveliness and a cup of tea with new friends, I do hope that you all have a most gorgeous morning. I promise i'll be there next time!



  1. They are perfection. Look forward to picking them up on Sunday.

    THANK YOU again!!

  2. i know you are busy, busy, busy, but have tagged you in a recent post, cause i love your blog! XX

  3. they look great! how did you get the rounded corners?

  4. I've tagged you too b/c Rachael tagged me. I just couldn't have a list of favourites without including you!


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