Monday, February 9, 2009

home beautiful we love you

Is it wrong to admit that as soon as I hear the postman filling up our mailbox, I rush outside with mad oblivion to collect our parcels of goodies?

Really that makes me sound desperate, actually even quite pathetic really, but I do just love getting mail, especially when its of the magazine variety.

But how does one contain their excitement when not only do you receive one of your favourite magazines that day, but you open up to page 34 and there is a half a page news report on Bespoke Letterpress.

Oh home beautiful we love you. kiss kiss kiss.


  1. from one mail box runner to doesn't sound desperate at all :)
    Congratulations! you deserve it!May many good things come your way because of it!
    i don't need to buy home beautiful this month cause to admire your work....thanks to the postie today...I have the real deal in my hot little hands!

  2. Oh I forgot..i'm not sure if you saw it but Desire to Inpire did a WINKS post on saturday on Bespoke too.

    You are a popular girl!

  3. Congratulations Alischa! I too am excited and I am rushing out to purchase my copy of Home Beautiful tomorrow. No you are not desperate and certainly not pathetic - you are just plain talented!!!!! Now the readers of Home Beautiful can also enjoy your work. I am one very proud old mum, well done!

  4. Oh Congratulations! How exciting!!

    I'll have to head out and buy it tomorrow, as I do every month :) I still haven't read the last 2 months though - I need to catch up!

  5. congratulations! how very exciting for you. your work is superb so it's no wonder you are getting this praise.

  6. WOW!!!!! Congratulations Alischa!!!! Of course you deserve it, and I hope you get millions of enquiries.

  7. that is really, really fantastic ... and they have used your photos too (?)
    I hope you get lots of sales and fabulous customers.

    I received my owl yesterday - he is very lovely and regally sitting in the highest spot I could find.

  8. I recognised those lovely designs while I was flipping through this month. It is very exciting for you! You should be proud, your mum is right! ;)

  9. So incredibly well deserved, love love LOVE your work xx

  10. I saw that in Home Beautiful and have been meaning to stop by and say congrats! So... 'cOnGrAtUlAtIoNs!'.

    PS. I am also a mailbox rusher. I love getting things the 'old fashioned' way.


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