Thursday, February 19, 2009

im thinking of you.

My loverlies, how is your week been? Im so sorry, Ive been here and there and haven't found the time to share my daily adventures with you.

I picked this flower from the garden just for you to say sorry. Do you know what it is? It was living under our frangipani tree and is now living on our dining table, but I'll think of you everytime I see it, really if we knew each other in real life I would wrap it up and give it to you, but for now, we must make do with me looking after it for you.

But with news from our week so far - there have been some most lovely collaborations, some simply stunning weddings and lots and lots of behind the scenes business work which we are itching to tell you about... but will have to share the news a little later on!

It has also been the week that my new 21 students for the year started at Shillington College, what a gorgeous group, I cant wait to get to know them better and inspire them about the beautiful world that is design.

So my friends, once again I must toot off, i'll be back again soon. Promise!


  1. It looks awfully like a blue ginger. Just checked here:
    Is that it?

    It's not a true Ginger just get's called that.

  2. is it a grape hyacinth?

  3. It is but a flower, nothing more, nothing less. It's beauty fills our heart with happiness and colour, and even though a flower fades, the memory lasts forever.

  4. Glad to hear you busy, busy busy! Have a great weekend!

  5. what a georgeous pic :)


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