Wednesday, November 12, 2008

David Austen Roses

We are currently developing some inspiration for a gorgeous wedding couple who are having a divine vintage elegance theme. While we have been researching I have been reminded about how much I adore David Austen Roses. I love their intensity, tighly packed buds and gorgeous soft colours. But most of all I love how much they remind me of my dear mum.

Several years ago soon after my husband and I married we moved into a cottage on my parents acerage back in NSW. My mum a keen and beautiful gardener grows divine David Austen Roses and over the summertime I would walk between our two properties collecting these gorgeous flowers along the way. I would arrange them in pretty vases and give them to my gorgeous mother and lovely sisters... Such beautiful memories, how I miss those roses!

Image via David Austen


  1. What a beautiful blog you have here - so happy to have found you.

    My mother loves David Austen roses as well. I bought one for my tiny balcony (a creamy yellow with a light, lemony fragrance) and the sweet little thing is still blooming its heart out halfway to winter.

  2. what an absolutely gorgeous bouquet! xo


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