Monday, October 12, 2009

"honey in sunshine" by nancy mungcal

We stumbled across Nancy's gorgeous illustrative style via her free art published on Feed Your Soul. We loved her free print so much we had it digitally printed and it now hangs in our studio! We were tickled pink when Nancy entered our call for illustrators with her submission titled "Honey in Sunshine". We love the gorgeous colour palette, the super sweet story and most of all, we love how beautifully perfectly her designs are suited for letterpress! Thanks Nancy!

Name: Nancy Mungcal
Location: California, United States
Age: 30's.
About Nancy: Nancy Mungcal loves drawing and painting but still wishes she could sing and play the guitar. her work is inspired by many things and causes her to carry two or three notebooks at a time. she would someday like to have a gray and yellow bike, to be a better photographer, live somewhere where it rains a little bit more, and to continue to collect stamps in her passport.
My Illustration is about "Honey in Sunshine" was inspired by the birds outside the window she draws in front of...trying to capture a moment in nature in her own way.
I love being an illustrator because I really just love to draw.
I am excited about this project because I have a true love and deep appreciation for the art of letterpress. I am really happy to have my work chosen to be produced in this beautiful manner.

If you love Nancy's print "Honey in Sunshine" it is available through our online store as a limited edition signed and numbered print for $65.00. Each print also also comes with the illustrators story and information behind the print. Enter the code SALE to receive 10% off store wide until the 16th of October.

Dont forget to entire our Giveaway of all Giveaways where you can win not only Nancy's gorgeous print, but our entire bespoke illustrators project of 10 prints. More info can be found here.

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  1. This is so charming and lovely. Her blog is a treasure as well.


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