Sunday, October 11, 2009

"her loves a pony" by kristal melson

We adored Kristal Raelene Melsons style so much that we struggled to choose between the two illustrations she sent us. Finally we decided that we couldn't forsake one over the other so we printed two of her illustrations as part of her project. And my oh my, aren't we glad for once letterpressed, the beautiful simple nature of "Her Loves a Pony" simply took our breath away.

Name: Kristal Raelene Melson
Location: Singapore
Age: 26
About Kristal: Hiding in the dark and playing wildly in the night, Kristal Melson captures
dreams with pencils and paints alike.
My Illustration is about fantastical wanderings, fleeting feet, dancing toes and spiraling tips are all a part of the charm in "Her Love's A Pony" - drifting in and out of galaxies at the twitching of my thumbs.
Has your illustration work been commercially printed before? Illustrations printed in Curvy book 5, empty magazine, yen magazine and Cleo Singapore
What mediums to you prefer to illustrate with: Pencils, ink, digital

If you love Kristals print "Her Loves a Pony" it is available through our online store as a limited edition signed and numbered print for $65.00. Each print also also comes with the illustrators story and information behind the print. Enter the code SALE to receive 10% off store wide until the 16th of October.

Dont forget to entire our Giveaway of all Giveaways where you can win not only Kristals gorgeous print, but our entire bespoke illustrators project of 10 prints. More info can be found here.

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