Friday, October 9, 2009

"geraldine & walter in love" by chrissy lau

Today we are featuring the sweetest illustration "Geraldine & Walter In Love" by Chrissy Lau. How could you not possibly fall in love with these two adorable lovebirds who have found each other and are soulmates destined for a beautiful life together. Oh my, we are totally smitten.

Name: Chrissy Lau
Location: Sydney, Australia - originally from England
Age: 24
About Chrissy: Hailing from England Chrissy loves a good cuppa, scones with jam & cream and penny sweets! She now lives in Sydney, Australia and draws ink-filled illustrations from her imagination powered by the sunshine, laughing with loved ones and her Chinese heritage. Above all her illustrations aim to bring a smile to your face and put a little skip in your heart.
My Illustration is about eternal love, whether it is for a partner, family or friends that are close to you (cheesy as it sounds!). I have probably become a lot more sentimental since I have moved from England and miss a lot of people close to me. The illustration will hopefully make you smile and remind you of someone close. There is no right or wrong interpretation of the illustration; it is left to the viewer to decipher. There doesn’t have to be a deep and meaningful so long as it intrigues you and makes you stare at it.
I love being an illustrator because it is something I have done since I can remember. It is simply a natural part of me. It is exciting to take on a challenge when a client asks you to interpret their thoughts into drawings. I think it helps strengthen your imagination and communication. I really enjoy showing people my work and gauging their reactions. It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak the same language, a picture can paint a thousand words. I really enjoy drawing because you can pass on your skills to those who believe they can’t draw. I always say there is no right or wrong when you draw, you just have to let loose and let your imagination go wild. I have managed to open up the artist in my boyfriend which is a pleasure to see. Now if only he could return the favour and make me into a musician like him!
What type of subject matter do you usually illustrate People, birds, characters, animals, tea cups- anything that is cute and quirky.
Any claims to fame I was featured in Yen Magazine's 2008 book of the world's top 100 female artists - CURVY 5
I am excited about this project because it is a fantastic opportunity to showcase my work amongst some extremely talented artists and gain a greater captive audience. The printing process itself is so captivating and different to anything I have seen before; it just makes the whole experience all the more intriguing. I am flattered and grateful to be part of this project because it has been so pleasurable to illustrate for Bespoke Letterpress. The whole project has a sense of personal touch to it which I adore.

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