Thursday, July 17, 2008

Italy inspiration?

My husband and I are traveling around Croatia and Italy in September & October and would love to know of any travel tips and locations which you might know of.

We are planning 10 days in Croatia ferry hopping up the Dalmatian Coast and then a Ferry over to Venice and working out way down through Italy for three weeks. We are thinking of doing a 5 day walk through Cinque Terre (gorgeous image above by Tony Helsloot) and a 5 day cycle through Tuscany, after this we are still looking for ideas which are a little off the beaten track! Any suggestions?


  1. wow, your trip sounds amazing!!! have lots of fun!!

  2. When travelling between Venice and Athens, we stopped on the island of Hvar, off the Dalmatian coast. Tiny Hvar is a major world source of Lavender oil, and I think also rosemary oil, used in perfumery. I still remember the very fragrant drive from one side of the island to the other, and the tiny rocky villages with little jars of lavender oil for sale by the side of the road... (I still have one jar today)

  3. I just got back from Croatia and Italy (2 months for school) and suggest going to Trogir and Shbenik (cant remember how to spell it) in Croatia. I loved Florence and Sienna as well ... heard that Assisi is amazing although didnt make it there ... have fun!


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