Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blind Impression vs Printing with colour

One of my favourite ways to print is infact with no ink at all!

A Blind Deboss or Blind Impression is printed without any ink or rollers. The impression of the plate leaves a crisp clean sharp impression. Our thick 100% cotton papers have a beautifully pillowey feel. Once the impression has been made the contrast between the pillowy exterior and crispy sharp impression is just gorgeous!

These prints above are test prints for a wedding invitation we are currently printing.

The other way to print is of course with colour. After a pantone colour is chosen, it is handmixed and then applied to the press and printed! The impression is still just as crisp and beautiful - just a little more colourful!


  1. That blind embossing is really beautiful - what fun your job must be.

  2. It is indeed fun, but also so very frustrating!! Dealing with a press that is 115 years old really can make you pull your hair out sometimes!!! But I love it just the same :)


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