Friday, October 28, 2011

weekend rambles.

My goodness, I know I say it every friday, but how can it be friday already? It scares me how fast time races by. This week has been another very very busy week. After some lovely birthday celebrations last weekend, Monday we jumped straight back into work and it has been crazy ever since.

At the moment we are in peak time booking and and preparing designs for Autumn and beyond 2012 weddings. Currently we are fully booked until late February, so it is breaking my heart at the moment to let prospective couples know that we are unable to squeeze them in if they require stationery before this time. I am learning slowly - that I cannot do it all. But that which I can do, I will do with all my heart and soul and every little bit of love.

This week has also seen us busy with preparations for next weekends Brisbane Finders Keepers - we always like to have new goodies for each event so we have been busy working on these as well as working on some old favourites. I love planning my stall design - mentally planning my stall and running a check list through my head of all the props which I can gather. The planning really is such fun.

This week also saw my trusty old original iphone replaced with the newer flash model. It seems crazy to think that my 3 year old phone has been totally superseded already. Goodness the speed of technology scares me. I am obviously suck back in the land of when technology lasted decades and centuries. Thank goodness that it did, I don't know where letterpress would be today if the speed of the world had always been this way.

Now that I have my new phone I have finally succumbed to peer pressure and all the requests that I join instagram - you can find me under "bespokepress". I am still learning, fancy technology, it takes a while to grow on me. The above shots were my first attempts of morning sunlight coming through the house.

Have a wonderful weekend my sweets. I will be starting off the weekend with the baking of some sweet treats for a very special little girls first birthday tomorrow. The rest of the weekend will be back in the studio printing away on Herbie and Helga. You never know, I might even instagram about it.


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