Monday, October 10, 2011

house & garden magazine :: top 50 rooms

Late last week we got some pretty exciting news - our Library room has been featured in the latest issue of House & Gardens yearly Top 50 rooms! Our room is a thoroughfare between our living areas and the staircase to our printing studio below. As probably the busiest walkway in our entire house, it is a room which needed to be practical, store our ever expanding collection of vintage knick knacks, and also somewhere lovely to sit and enjoy the morning sun. 

It was also the room which for so many years I hated the most. I could never work out what to do with such a dead area of space - at 2.5m x 2.5m it is one tiny little room and sure can get busy through there. But these days I am pretty happy with it, and even more happy that House and Garden found it worthy enough to feature in their yearly best of the best.

You can vote online for your favourite room here and go into the draw to win an amazing Kitchen Package. We are room number 13, and sure would love the vote if you like our room.

Thanks H&G, you are the best!

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