Friday, October 21, 2011

friday finds and weekend plans

Hello friday, gosh it sure is nice to see you! It has been an almighty busy week this week and I sure am glad that the weekend is about to dawn upon us. 

Do you have any fabulous weekend plans? We are heading away to spend some time with family in Sydney as it is my birthday this weekend. I will be turning that big number that starts with a 3 and ends with a 0. Part of me doesn't want to type those two numbers next to each other, although everyone does that that the thirties are now the new twenties... But I am sure people have been saying that for decades.

For this weeks Friday finds I have visited my favourite friend Pinterest. It really is one of my number one online loves, it is one of those websites that I think if you could kiss it, I probably would. 

This week I have grabbed some of my favourite images off my typography boards
1. I love you more then cupcakes - love love love. Orginal source unknown.
6. Love love love these vintage graphics found via This isn't Happiness

Hope my little dash of typography brings some type love to your friday.
Have a great weekend my sweets, see you all again next week.



  1. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 3-0 club. It's not that bad, I promise!

  2. Hey, happy birthday! It is my birthday this weekend too :)

  3. A weekend of celebrations for wonderful! Enjoy!

    Ingrid x

  4. Hope you had a lovely birthday Alischa. Those place settings for Kym and Zac you've just posted look divine! And I'm happy to see Helga has her photo up on the blog with the boys :) Keep up the great work, B.

  5. Thank you all lovelies!! And B - I did think it was bout time Helga stepped up with the boys... now just to get her on our website as well :)


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