Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello friends, I hope that you are all well. Unfortunately the flu I have been fighting off for weeks, has now settled in with a vengeance. Little Ruby and I have been the only ones in the studio of late and I do wish we could just run away together. We would head off to the family farm, lay under those great big trees and get bathed in country sunlight and fresh air. We would admire the gardens, talk to the cows and have some hearty country food made by my beautiful mum. Wouldn't that be so lovely? You can come too if you like. I promise I won't spread my germs, the country air will have made them all magically disappear.



  1. aww hope you feel better! x

  2. I hope you do find a little sunshine to sit in - get well soon :)

  3. Hoping you feel better soon - and if you're stuck in bed with the sniffles at least you have Ruby to keep you company! I never thought I'd see a Toller in Australia - she's the most beautiful dog! (I want to get one for my mom back in Canada!) I've posted a little feature on Bespoke over at my blog The Spring... hope having a little look cheers you!
    - Catherine (in Brisbane!)

  4. Get well my precious..... now all we have to do is train Miss Ruby to make you a soothing cup of lemon tea!

  5. Sending get well wishes to you.
    I've been where you are a few weeks ago and it wasn't fun.

    take good care and you will be back as good as new soon



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