Friday, July 29, 2011

new instore :: lovely greeting cards

Just a quick blog post to let you know about three new lovely greeting cards we have in store - you can find them here, here and here. They have been letterpress printed on white 100% cotton rag paper and include a brown kraft envelope and available in our online shop for $6 each.

Have a most lovely weekend friends, It is going to be busy busy busy here with our looming photo shoots next week - our renovation works are still in a state of half completeness and the studio is a complete mess. Oh dear, it is going to be a busy weekend indeed!

See you next week lovely friends,


  1. These are just lovely! I was wondering if you could tell me what size the greeting cards are?

    Thank you for all the beautiful, inspirational work you post on your blog!

  2. Hello, the cards are just under 100x140mm in size :)

  3. I just love letterpress on rag paper, it's so tactile. Much of this old technology has bitten the dust years back, it's nice to see it's still alive & kicking in sunny Australia...where even the koalas are cool.


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