Tuesday, July 26, 2011

something pretty

Hello friends, How was your weekend? We had a jolly of a time at the beautiful wedding of my fabulous studio girl Megan and her dashing groom Geoff. With a graphic designer bride, you do just know that the styling is going to be simply gorgeous, and Megan certainly did not disappoint! I adored these ribbon wands from the ceremony. So much adored them that they carried on through with us right into the night. Such a sweet idea, lots of fun and fabulous in photography!

Despite a lovely weekend of celebrating, unfortunately these germs of mine are still here and I am running on half capacity - half a days work, followed by half a day sleep. It has become such a predictable routine, I really do not know how I have any sleep left in me.

We have also got studio renovation works in progress (all that builders dust is not good) and with some photo shoots scheduled here for next week it is quite a mad rush to have things looking shiny and clean.

So it really is quite a mad house here at the moment. We thankfully are taking a small break in mid August, lets hope the germs are gone, the builders dust settled and the photo shoots done and dusted (excuse the pun) by then. I am counting down the days!!


  1. Oh boy - I absolutely love the ribbon wands. The photo is beautiful.

    I so wish I had them at my wedding.
    the ceremony was on the water and it was the windiest day in history (well I am saying so.
    As all our helium balloons were released after "husband and wife" announcement - they all (as the speed of light) thanks to the cyclonic wind went to the nearest tree. That was the fastest $200 popping sounds I had ever heard and seen.

    I feel for your so much with not feeling well - you doe need more sleep time rather than work time - but I can imagine how hard it is with time constraints.

    take care

    till nest post


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