Monday, July 4, 2011

thank you brisbane!

What an amazing weekend we had at the Brisbane Finders Keepers - Brisbane you sure are lovely, we love living here!

I took a whole heap of photos to share with you - I wanted to show you my favourite stalls Hideyo, Loose Leaf Paper and Old Yarns, as well as the fabulous Photo Booth set up by Feather and Stone Photography. However my beloved camera had other ideas as every, single, bloody photo was blurry. So unfortunately, until I can send you in the direction to view others photos, you will just have to imagine how amazing the weekend was. edit: thank you to our lovely friends you can view images here from Loose Leaf Papers and the official Finders Keepers photos by Mark Lobo here.

If you popped by, said hello, or bought a few goodies, thank you so much - your love and support is overwhelming, I honestly cannot thank you enough!!


Photo by Mark Lobo.


  1. Could not resist, bought a few things.
    Love them.
    The 'Sugar in your tea, in my chamomile dreams' is soo beautiful... now to find a frame to suite.
    Had a lovely day. Thank you!

  2. I know you usually put in a lot of effort behind the scenes thank you! As always, it was fabulous...I'm so inspired once more!

    Ingrid x

  3. Finders Keepers was a gorgeous place to be on a Sunday afternoon of inspiration....My daughter bought gift tags and cards from your gorgeous stall....Thank you so very much for sharing all that beauty with everyone...Take care c xx


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