Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Venice, Oh beautiful Venice

How we loved Venice. It was worth every second of the 12 hour ferry and 5 hour train trip from Croatia. Struck down with a cold (of all the timings!) we did not get to see all of Venice in our 3 days. Perfect excuse to come back I say!

They say that the best way to see Venice is to get lost and wander the streets aimlessly. That we did, not once, not twice, but at least several times a day. And on these random trips it was indeed when we saw the true Venice the Venetian style. One night whilst looking for a particular Cicchetteria (tapas bar) we walked around for 3.5 hours, only to find ourselves in the exact same position we started. Oh the wonders of Venice!

After two weeks of indulging we decided that it was time for a simple meal and visited Mcdonalds, although no yellow M here in Venice, its the classiest Ronald Mcdonald joint I've ever seen. Ordering a very simple breakfast turned out to be in the true Venetiain style of expensive!! We ate entire dinner meals with drinks for the same price in Croatia as our simple Mcdonalds breakfast! So we decieded, that bugger it. Lets just enjoy Venice for all its worth and let me tell you, the food is delightful! Rows and rows of shops selling indrecible pastries, amazing delis which I would kill to have back home in Australia, and oh the gelato. I have decided that quite obviousally I do have a new found ice cream issue.

We feel in love with gorgeous artwork by Ugo Baracco who does landscapes of Venice using antique methods of etching and aquatints. We spent hours undecided over which print to buy (Poor Ugo, but he was most patient!) before buying a print of a Gondella as our wedding anniversary gift to oursleves in November. Sometimes you just have to live a little!

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  1. Ooh I have done the same thing, wandered for hours in Venice and then found myself back where I started. Maybe everyone subconsciously follows the same course! Go the icecream! A-M xx


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