Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Three things I'll never forget

Croatia now seems but a distant memory. We have been without internet for several days now with our travels from Croatia to Italy and oh the heart palpitations this causes! How pathetic we must seem traveling with our macbook & iphone but no connection to connect us to the world. Quite clearly, we have issues.

But what a beautiful country we found Croatia and of all the memories I will remember the most:
  1. The incredible stone, its everywhere! It builds the houses, the roads, the gutters and curbs. And inside houses the sinks, and window sills, staircases, shelves and walls - absolutely everything is made of stone. (All I could think about is how cheap kitchen stone benchtops must be here!)
  2. The cats, here there and everywhere. Oh so sweet but it would seem there is somewhat of a mass breeding issue with the putty cats!
  3. And finally the icecream and its oh so cheap! 4kuna ($1.50) would buy you a homemade waffle cone with scoppings of delicious homemade ice cream. Oh how I indugled, chocolate, double chocolate, triple chocoloate, hazelnut, pistachio, lemon, coconut... I tried them all!


  1. I have so enjoyed reading about your travels. I have been away so I have a lot of catching up to do. The first thing I noticed in your Croatia photos was the stone too! I called hubby over as we are going through a stone obsession in the planning of our house, and he drooled also. Isn't it great that you can travel with your computer tools and share your adventures with the world! A-M xx

  2. There is stone in abundance everywhere!!!

    It would almost be worth a holiday over to Croatia to buy your stone and ship it back!

    They even built The White House from Croatian stone. Now that would defiantly be something to tell the neighbours about... "yes, yes, beautiful isn't it, the US president has the same..."

  3. oooh, what fun. your blog is so inspiring to me on this rainy saturday morning.


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