Friday, October 17, 2008

Shopping in Siena

We are on a no plan holiday, each destination we come to, we pull out our travel book and choose where we should head next. Our time had come to an end in Cinque Terre and I asked my husband to choose the next destination - He said what about Siena? I was like, oh okay, don't really know much about it, but I guess its your turn to choose and will have to do. So off on a train we go.

Turns out he made a fine choice. Siena is just incredible. As a favourite holiday destination for Italians, it wasn't crawling with tourists and it just so happens to be in the heart of Tuscan wine country - Bliss!!

One thing which I wasn't expecting was the excellent shopping and gorgeous shop fronts! Alot of incredible delis, high quality leathers, papers and oh, did I mention Gelato?

So we shopped ( and shopped and shopped) and even managed to find a whole heap of Vintage Italian posters for our walls at home. Turns out Siena is a fine stop and I should start trusting my husbands travel judgement just a little more!


  1. Siena looks stunning. I'm eagerly following your trip as my husband and I are planning a trip in 18 months time. Do you mind mentioned where you stayed in Siena?

  2. Hi Anthea, so glad you are enjoying my blog! Today we leave from Italy and to dubai so its almost over! So sad!!

    In Siena we stayed at Siena B&B Hospitality. We are on a 60 - 70 Euro night budget for accomodation and this one seemed the best for that price range. It was actually a really funky apartment with courtyard, and had the comphiest bed we have yet found!

    Was a great location and very close to all the action!

    Happy Planning for your trip! xox


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