Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cinque Terre

After doing all the rounds of the Italian museums, churches and art galleries, we had decided that we needed a break from it all and headed down to Cinque Terre. Meaning 5 towns, this remote chunk of the Italian Riveria is traffic free, museum free its just sand (pebbles!), sun, beaches and gorgeous little hilltop Villages. A perfect place to relax and unwind, its also the homeplace to Pesto, so we also indulged in quite a bit of Bruschetta as well!

White in Cinque Terre, we stayed in Monterosso, the largest and most north town. We stayed in Manuels Guesthouse - a ramshackle guesthouse run by an artist and his nephew. Sitting at the very top of the town, we were lucky to score the room with a balcony and the photos above were our incredible view. It was just perfect, such an incredible little part of the world


  1. Beautiful! Isn't the view incredible? We stayed in that room in April and have photos just like your last two. Some of my best memories are from Monterosso - eating pesto pizza in the rain, the walk between the 5 towns... ahh. I'm glad it worked out for you!

  2. Thanks Janet - we would have never have found Manuels without your suggestion!

    Such a beautiful part of the world!


  3. how absolutely beautiful! i'm so happy to have found your blog, too xoxo


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