Saturday, August 16, 2008

One year of renovations

Yesterday was the first anniversary of us calling Brisbane home. We moved up here from Sydney for my husbands work and what a beautiful wonderful year it has been!! We undertook a massive relocation - including moving the 800kg press! I started Lecturing and launched Bespoke Press, my husband started his new business and we took on the project of our first home with gusto, gutting the house and making it our own!

Our Art Deco 1935 Timber Queenslander sure has come along way since we first walked in the door when the ply ceilings were falling apart, the bathroom was original, it lacked light and airflow and it was painted beautiful shades of pink and window frames poo green!

With a very limited budget my dear husband has done most of the work including playing carpenter, plasterer and painter and assistant plumber and electrician. We have had some great helping hands along the way with help from my father in law who installed our bathroom plumbing and our dear friends from the gold coast who helped paint our house in stifling 30'c heat. My wonderful parents will be up shortly to help install the kitchen and we are so thankful for all those who have helped us along with this monster renovation.

Over the next couple of days I thought I would share some photos of this journey over the last year and the progress that our house has taken. It is not yet finished, we don't have wardrobes finished, we haven't yet installed the ceiling fans, the kitchen starts this week, we are yet to tackle painting the outside of the house and we are yet to really furnish the house, but it sure has come along way and it really is starting to feel like home!

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  1. what a fantastic rewarding job. A sure pleasure to get up and see that lovely house every day...good luck with the businesses and kitchen, surely adventures every one!


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