Friday, August 22, 2008

Kitchen Progress

My wonderful parents have spent the last 4 days helping install our kicthen. As avid loose leaf tea drinkers it has appeared we have failed to provide them with a tea strainer. My poor mum has been pouring tea for the last four days with the pasta strainer!

As for the monster kitchen renovation it has been flat pack kingdom here with 31 cabinets and 56 doors to install. Today is kickboard and end panels day and we might even make a start on the massive pile of handles. Benchtops have just been ordered and its slowly starting to feel like a kitchen!


  1. goodness that's a lot of cabinets!!! looking great, though. what benchtops are you going with? thanks for tip on my blog, too. i might go back with swatches. x

  2. Hi Belinda, we are using Laminate Diamond Gloss in Pure Mineral stone. Would have LOVED stone.... maybe one day!!


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