Thursday, August 14, 2008

♥ kareena

Recently I did a feature on one of my all time favourite Australian Illustrators Kareena Zerefos. I absolutely adore her Melbourne Cup Illustration above but unfortunately Kareena did not have any prints for sale at the time.

I was tickled pink to receive a print yesterday in the mail as Kareena has now especially produced prints of this illustration (400x560mm) and now has them for sale in her corner store.

It is so incredibly beautiful in real life and is such a suburb Giclee print, I cannot recomened Kareena's illustration and prints enough - I am simply smitten!!

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  1. Hi Alischa,

    Thanks for your comment on my artwork! I like that image by Kareena too. I think I saw some of her work in Curvy (I MUST remember to enter that next year!!). Awesome stuff.

    It's nice to have another Brisbane-based blog to read, so no doubt I will be back often!

    And best of luck with Bespoke!


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