Sunday, August 24, 2008

3 weeks and 6 days...

It has suddenly dawned on me that with 3 weeks and 6 days until we leave for our 5 week trip around croatia and italy - that there is still so much to get done before we go!!
  • We have airfares booked, but not yet one hotel, and no plans as to where we will go!
  • Funding is required that has not yet been found for the above mentioned.
  • A half renovated kitchen which is yet to be completed.
  • My new Canon 450D camera to be sourced for the best possible deal.
  • Fathers day presents to be found ( god help me, fathers day is the worst!)
  • A 30th Birthday party to plan for my husband for soon after our arrival back home and invitations to be sent.
  • A mountain of kitchen cabinets and appliances to be sold on ebay.
  • A spring clean of clothes to be sold on ebay to help with the funding issue.
  • Massive Spring Clean for the arrival of our dear Nan & Pop who will be house sitting and caring for our dog whilst we are away.
  • New Graphic Design students starting tomorrow to inspire & teach
  • A visit from the lovely Louise & her husband from Poppy Letterpress - we hope they can overlook the half done kitchen situation!
  • And the scariest of them all, 3 weeks and 6 days to get fit enough to cycle 40kms each day through tuscany.

Oh dear! I think I need a nap just thinking about it all...

Image shot Milano Duomo sourced from Aries FAD


  1. Hello!
    That sounds like a lot to fit in! But there's nothing like a bit of stress to get you moving.
    I'm in the market for a 450D too. I spent so long thinking about getting the 400D, so now that the 450's out - I'm going with that one. (My little post-show reward for if I actually sold anything and could pay off my gallery fees too!)
    I've only just started looking. no idea what to go for with the lenses. Please post if you find somewhere that has the best deal! I've only found Ted's Camera house so far, but haven't been looking too much yet. Will let you know if I find anywhere with a crazy deal!!
    Good luck with everything :) You're renos look beautiful so far!

  2. Hello, I already have two EF supersonic lenses from my film Canon SRL - but will let you know how I go with my searches for the 450D body - the best price i've found so far is $999 - im determined to find better!

  3. Ha, about 10 minutes after I'd posted that comment I'd bought it :)
    I've bought from them before so I know it will actually arrive!!
    They've got the body for $975 - not much less - but it comes with the Canon 3Yr Extended Warrenty. Postage is $16 though so it puts you back up to $991 anyway!
    Just thought I'd let you know :)
    Now I'll have to learn how to use it...

  4. My husband and I spent 3 weeks in Italy in April and we booked all our accommodation with the guidebook called "Rick Steves' Italy". All his recommendations and reviews were spot on and we did all the bookings ourselves, which was scary at first but awesome. It's worth getting just for the restaurant suggestions and walking tours anyway, I think. Just an idea!

  5. hi janet - that sounds great, I'll have to check out that book! Are the accomodation suggestions affordable? We are on a budget of about 60-70 euros a night!

  6. Lexy congrats knows your 450d, you'll have to let me know if you recommend it!

  7. yes it does - that was about our budget too. we couldn't get anything in a good location that cheap in rome though, so we paid a bit more there. you are going to have the best time! my favourite was staying in an artist's guesthouse in monterosso (part of cinque terre). we also stayed in a convent in florence which was beautiful except there was NO hot water and the days were around 12 degrees. we're from queensland too so we were really feeling it! you can get the guidebooks from borders. good luck!

  8. Thanks Janet - Im getting excited!! Do you remember the name of the Artists guest house in monterosso? It sounds ideal!!!

  9. it's called manuel's guesthouse! it had the most amazing view of all the places we stayed. (there are lots and lots of steps to get up there though!) they have a website too, . i'm really excited for you! italy is totally beautiful.

  10. Oh how beautiful!!! We were planning on staying in Monterosso, Coniglia and Riomaggiore... Maybe we should just stay at Manuels and make day trips instead!!

  11. Try having a look at for your 450D body. They have them for $899 - they are parallel imports, but get the extended warranty and it's a fine purchase. I have bought several things from them and can't speak highly enough of them.

    What a wonderful journey you are about to embark on - and yes, the door to your apartment looks very enchanting!


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