Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a most lovely Christmas

We are a little behind with our Christmas post - please excuse us. Our old trick of standing on the cow fence down on the farm in our annual summer January farm holiday has failed us this year, as Telstra no longer wants to play that game! It talks a 30 minute drive into town to get some much needed reception to connect us back up with the world again. The sweet life of the country.

Currently I am sitting at a sweet little art deco cafe, drinking coffee and doing my best to pretend that I am not doing work whilst on holidays. Next trip back in town I will make sure that I am more prepared with more photos of our fabulous cliff top New Years country party and sweet photos of Ruby and the cows.

Until then I hope that you enjoy the above photos of my Mothers fabulous Christmas decorating. We had a lovely lunch with a beautifully styled table. I love the last photo - it shows the table mid party full of champagne, our annual Christmas scratches (so australian), silly bon bon games, and loads of bubbles from our christmas lunch bubbleathon. Wonderful times. I love Christmas and hope that yours too was full of merriment and much laughter.



  1. Oh my your mothers table is amazing, clearly creativity runs in the family!! I am going to store away these pictures for next year!

  2. Ahhh, the trials of technology in the country! It can certainly be frustrating, but there is also a little part of me that loves being out of contact for a time. Love the photos of your Christmas decorations - just lovely!

  3. You're Mum is one talented lady, what a stylish Christmas! Hope you had a happy new year x


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