Friday, December 23, 2011

merry merry

The most beautiful of gifts from the sweetest of sweet friends.
My goodness friends, it is hard to believe that the time has come for us to sign off for the year.

What a wonderful, crazy, beautiful and wonderful year it has been. A very big thank you to all our gorgeous wedding clients with whom we have been able to share a part of our journey with this year - thank you for letting us into your lives and sharing your most magical of magical days.

A very big thank you to our growing list of stockists, we love seeing our letterpress goodies heading out into the world to be shared with your customers. We have adored venturing more into this area and we have got some big plans for 2012, so a most lovely thank you. It is such a joy to share our letterpress love with you.

To all our lovely online shoppers and market visitors, oh how we adore you. Your beautiful emails, sweet whispers of love and support is beyond amazing. We love being able to grow and build letterpress love and appreciation here in Australia and your amazing support makes it all possible.

To my beautiful studio girls, studio boy and sweet canine studio manager, how hard you work and how much you are loved. It has been such a busy year and yet with coffee and cake, we have made magic happen! Next year we will be growing, and are looking forward to welcoming another another member  to come join in our crazy little studio team.

And you too dear blog readers, my goodness, how chuffed I am to know that you are out their reading our journeys, sharing in the studio love and continuing to read our wee blog after 655 blog posts, and 364,266 visits over the last three and half years. This is such a magical community, we are blessed to live in this age of blog love. I could not imagine running Bespoke without this little blog ticking in the background. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So as we sign off for the year, we wish you and your families a most magical of magic holiday season. We will be closing the Brisbane studio whilst we travel interstate, but will be back up and running from the company of Nigel and the cows at our family farm property for a few weeks on January. We are bound to have some photos and more adventures of Ruby and Nigel's blossoming friendship for you again - although do excuse us if we are slow, as we do have to stand on a cow fence to get reception!

Much christmas love, Alischa

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