Monday, January 16, 2012

why hello

Hello friends! How have you all been? It has been a little quite from us for a few days. Last week we left the farm (very sad, even the cows came running after our car as we drove away) and travelled back to Brisbane. We had hoped for a little longer holiday, however with an almighty busy end of January and crazy February booked in the studio we came back to give the presses some loving again.

I must admit it has been a little hard to get back into the work swing of things again. The weather has been quite miserable here of late, and the studio has been almighty quiet with my lovely helpers having a little break.

We have still had some excitement here though - we've had brand new spanking computers arrive this week, so we are a little excited to get our Mac Nerd caps on and celebrate our new arrivals. Although, It is always a little sad to say goodbye to old computers - my trusty lovely friend above has been so good to me and I am sure I will be sad to see it go. Is it silly to feel this way about computers? I feel like this Mac is the pathway that leads me out into the world, it shares my thoughts, it spreads my wings and  helps me fly. I am sure I am not quite normal?

We also had a break through last week - after all these years of sweating it out in the print studio, we now have air conditioning to keep us cool and crisp when we are printing. Miss Ruby Tuesday did not fail to miss its arrival and she has now found a new spot to undertake her studio management - Smack bang in front of its path of cool aircon comfort stream.

Well my dears, I should really go get the new computers out of the box and make friends with the new model. I am sure no doubt, in a day or two and we will be the bestest of friends already.



  1. you're going to love your new computer! i've had my eye on one of those bad boys for ages. it just might be time to pull the trigger!

  2. I am sure you will love your new computer. The lamp on your desk is gorgeous. F

  3. Congratulations on your mac! Love them myself. I have to say, your desk shot is gorgeous! It's a funny thing to fixate on, but I love your Ikea lace flower pot turned pencil cup. I've been looking for that very same flower pot myself for just this purpose but they were sold out. Your desk basically looks like how I wish mine was (one day, under all this mess of papers and rulers and notes...), window view included:)

  4. My desk looks very similar to yours!
    Same lap, but in black, same Ikea vase, same MAC :)
    We have great taste...


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