Friday, June 10, 2011

weekly wrap up

Oh my it has been a busy week here in the studio, we have been quite in a fluff with our new press - name yet still to be decided, but do particularly like Heidi or Helga. What do you think?

This weekend we will be headed out to the Lifeline Bookfest. We have attended bookfest quite a few times previously and have a jolly of a time trawling through all the millions of books on offer. I am usually the one with the green shopping bags laden down with books hanging precariously from each shoulder. Having taken more observant notice last time, I noticed that the seasoned Bookfest shoppers take a suitcase to fill and drag around behind them quite delicately, not like me with the bulging green bags and elephant walk fighting my way through the crowds.

On Sunday, my all time favourite ladies and I will be taking a little road trip up to visit Two Golden Hours - most excited about this adventure, hopefully it will involve lots more cuddles with my favourite lady above. The poor thing, I do think she only knows me as the lady behind the camera. She is terribly photographic to shoot (with all those perfect features) so most of our adventures involve me taking 600 photos. I really do love it, maybe in a next life I'll become a baby photographer.

In other news this week we have been shocked and saddened by this footage, have been excited that one of our favourite American shopping haunts has now gone global and ships to Australia, have been pining over this farmhouse and have been collecting just the right amount of old bananas to make our old favourite recipe here.

Have a wonderful long weekend my sweets, and if your overseas and don't have the Queens Birthday to celebrate, take Monday off anyway - you deserve it!



  1. Have a great weekend! I am leaning towards Helga, seems like a hefty name for a hefty lady of a press! And the babe is beautiful, just beautiful, I can see why you would want to take 600 photos!

  2. You would make an excellent baby photographer, clearly!

  3. Oh my, what a most adorable photo! I'm hoping to make it to Two Golden Hours on we'll miss, maybe next time. Happy long weekend!

    Ingrid x

    Oh...and Pottery Barn shipping to Australia...I'm off for some 'window' shopping!!

  4. what a face!!! amazing babe and pic

  5. I love Potterybarn! Thank you for letting me know they now ship to Australia!
    (I would go with Helga)

  6. Oh my goodness, this farm house is amazing! I have so much admiration for the loving restoration job they've done- no detail left undone. How gorgeous.


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