Thursday, June 9, 2011

the new addition

Meet our new (old) Heidelberg T platen - if you think he looks a lot like Herbie - you are spot on - Our new press is only three years younger then dear Herbie, so they are almost brothers (or sister?).

Our new (old) press has joined the ranks with our most beloved Charlie 1893 Chandler and Price Old style, Herbie our 1973 Heidelberg 10x15 T Platen, and our new (old) press a 1970 model of the same press.

We have had to have a bit of a shuffle around to fit our family of presses in the studio - poor Charlie has been moved several times over the past few years and this time he once again he was relocated to a new position within the studio. As our lightest press at a wee 800 kilos he is significantly easier to relocate then the 1.2 tonne Heidelbergs.

So now the studio is back into a state of calm order again, we do feel a little more squishier, but the family of presses for now feels complete - no doubt give me a year or two and I will itch for another (I do suppose it is like people with puppies or babies, after a period of time they forget all the hard work and decide that they want more!!).

Our new (old) press is currently nameless - when I asked the previous owner if he had a name for it he did laugh and then tell me that the only name he had called it was names which he cannot repeat. Dear sweet Heidelberg, you will be loved here in our home of presses and we need to find you a name fitting to your loveliness... Do you have any suggestions, I would love to get your ideas on a name fitting for a 41 year old beast of German cast iron print mastery?


  1. He looks like a Gus to me! Congratulations on the new (old) addition! Senior discount cards all around!

  2. Hans is a good old German name.

  3. Heidi - need to add a girl into the mix and it was what popped into my head as soon as I read the makers name.

  4. Hi Marian, Our new (old) press could certainly be a girl! There is already far too much man activity in my girly studio!!

  5. I was going to say Emmory (pun on the Emm) but I am loving Heidi as the new girl in the office

  6. I agree, Heidi is a great name! Or maybe Anneke?

  7. I think Charlie should have a lady in his life...named Heidi :) Congrats on the new press!

  8. I like Heidi too - or any girls H name. Harriet, Hannah, Hilda, Helga - lots to choose from! Perhaps wait and see if she's a cute willing press or an overbearing temperamental one! Good luck. B.


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