Monday, February 14, 2011

what do you think?

So we have been busy little bees here in the studio working on making our blog look all shiny and new. We have still go some work to do, but whilst we finish off the new site we would love to get your feedback - to help us grow, improve and make this wee little blog a sweet enjoyable place.

So my friends, what do you like/dislike, what more/less off, changes, ideas, criticisms, suggestions? Throw it all on the table, we would love to hear from you. Whether your a frequent commenter, an occasional reader or a daily lurker, we would really love to get your feedback!



  1. I love seeing your stunning letterpress work but also bits of life as you wish to share. Rubi appearances are loved!! :) I also adore it when you include photography like your recent holiday, or of the studio itself.

  2. Oh. And if you ever wanted to link to other blogs you like, that is always a great way to discover gorgeous new blogs. I am so happy to have discovered more Australian bloggers this way recently. The makeover is looking great!

  3. I am slightly biased, but the more Miss Ruby the better!

    It would be interesting perhaps to see a little of the development that goes into your lovely designs - the creative process is always interesting.

  4. I have to agree with Amy - love seeing the beautiful Miss Ruby! But I also like seeing your wonderful designs, the mixing of the inks, the inspiration behind each print. Your photos are always really good quality too - love that :)

  5. Hi, I do appriciate the bigger photo format - much better!

  6. Keep on doing what you're doing, Alischa- I check your blog every day. Your photos are gorgeous.

  7. I simply adore you little space here...the beautiful letterpress, the wonderful travels (your recent countryside tales have been so lovely) and Ruby Tuesday all captured so perfectly in your photographs.

    I'm truly inspired when I stop by most days - you're blog is quite the little favourite of mine!

    Ingrid x

  8. Yes, more of Miss Ruby Tuesday would be great!!!


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