Wednesday, February 16, 2011

oh frankie

You can find a full page interview with me and my world of letterpress in the latest issue #40 of Frankie Magazine out today. Featured with ten other inspiring creative talents, it is such a gorgeous honour. In fact, it makes me want to whip out my apron and bake the prettiest cupcakes to celebrate.

Want some?



  1. Congratulations Alisha, I noticed it while reading my Frankie earlier today! What a great feature :)

  2. Wow. Congratulations. What an honor to be in that coolest of cool magazines.

  3. frankie is hands down my favourite magazine - congratulations!

  4. Hooray! I saw it this morning- well done! Fame!

  5. Congratulations my precious...... will you still love us now your famous?

  6. congrats Alisha! super excited to see you in this issue. it is a goodie! x

  7. I just read the article, and came here to find you... and tell you how awesome i think you are!

    It's so true and so beautiful that you are a protector of this old art. I often see you at a market here and there - but now I realise that there is a far deeper beauty to what you do - beyond the lovely designs that we see on your stall...


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