Tuesday, February 1, 2011

bellingen vintage farmhouse

On our way back from the farm to Brisbane we stopped a few nights mid way in Bellingen. Having never been to this little part of the country before we were most excited to stop and explore. We booked 3 nights at Bellingen's Vintage farmhouse and we had a most grand arrival - the chickens jumped in the car and the previously mentioned Reggie & Lizzie who bleated our arrival into oblivion!

The minute we walked through the door it felt like stepping into a little piece of vintage heaven. White walls, soaring ceilings, a tonne of natural light mixed with just the perfect mix of vintageness - I was at home.

I must admit for those three days we didn't do much, without any internet or phone access (bliss really) - we read a few books, Ruby entertained us by trying her very hardest to befriend the sheep, we admired all the natural forests and perfect swimming holes and pretty much just put our feet up and relaxed. It was a beautiful way to end our country road trip.

To find out more about the farmhouse visit here.


  1. Oh putting this on the list of places to visit. So good to see they are dog-friendly too. My dog would love to meet the sheep.

  2. Totally, divinely perfect. And gorgeous photography by you Miss Alischa! Happy to find a gorgeous spot that is dog-friendly; will pop over and have a look x

  3. There's something romantic about a beautiful farmhouse.

  4. This looks very familiar.
    I think 'Real Living' magazine may have done a feature article about the home last year...hmmm, now you've got me, I'm off to search the piles of mags.

    Felicity x

  5. Hi Felicity - you've got a mighty good memory!! It was featured late last year :)

  6. What a beautiful farmhouse kitchen! oh would love it in my cottage.


  7. We Just stayed here for a few days - Absolutely amazing!
    They now have 3 cows, 1 sheep, 2 dogs and 22 chickens!
    We just loved wandering around the property and seeing how beautiful everything was.
    I would highly suggest it to anyone and everyone.
    M x


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