Tuesday, October 12, 2010

thankyou melbourne!

Lovely Melbourne, how wonderful you are.

Walking up towards the huge spance of Shed 4 in the Docklands, you never could have imagined that one shed could house so much amazingness inside. 150 fabulous designers from right across the country, fabulous bands who made us want to break out into a dance many a time, fabulous food thanks to the amazing BeatBox kitchen, superb weather (quite fabulous seeing as back here in Brisbane it has been flooding up a storm) and many gorgeous shoppers who stopped by, said hello and walked away with some letterpress loveliness. Thankyou Melbourne, we loved visiting you.

And as always, to the Finders Keepers Girls thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, another amazing event superbly done!


  1. Brisbane's turn next...I can hardly wait to visit once again!

    Ingrid x

  2. Just discovered your blog, your show stall looks amazing!


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