Thursday, July 19, 2012

loving you is easy because you're beautiful

Ever since we launched our first "Loving you is easy because your beautiful print" we have been bombarded with emails asking us to print another edition! So today we are excited to let you know  we have done one better - Instead of a new edition, we have a whole new beautiful design for this gorgeous saying.

With stunning hand lettering printed in a deep rich black on our 100% cotton paper this design achieved a beautiful tactile impression on the press. Each print measures 8.5" x 11" and is designed to perfectly suit a 8x10" frame.

We have letterpress printed these prints as open editions which means that the good news is - our letterpress prints have just got a whole heap cheaper! This lovely print is $29.95, however with our current 20% off sale, this lovely print is an exceptional $23.96 (enter code LOVEASALE prior to Sunday 29th July).

You can check it out and view lots more of our lovely new prints here.

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