Wednesday, May 25, 2011

love :: wait

I have long been a lover of Paper Boat Press and was super excited at Sydney Finders Keepers to have a stall next to my dear friend Kylie and her magical girls.

One of my favourite purchases from the weekend was a "wait" sculpture which is a collaboration between Kylie and the adorable Sarah who makes crocheted wonders to sit upon Kylie ceramic beauties. Such a beautiful, perfect and sweet union between two lovely friends and two beautifully tactile crafts.

They are all unique in their own little free form way. It was quite a challenge to choose a favourite to bring home, but now I am thinking that one is not enough and my one "wait" might be the start of a little collection.

This beautiful collaboration will also be showing at the Brisbane Finders Keepers in July.

Thank you Kylie & Sarah for letting me photograph your work, being such gorgeous market stall neighbours and being such delightful friends.



  1. Those are great! You're do right about the tactile thing too.

  2. Oh, these are so beautiful!! I want one in my life!

  3. Hello A, thank-you for your lovely words and pictures, see you in Brisbane xxx


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